Supraliminal [ soo-pruh-lim-uh-nl ]

adjective Psychology:
1 being above the threshold of perception of a stimulus.

This is an evolving collection of themes which grew out of a curiosity for consciousness, space and the technologies affecting these two.

During the course of this semester, I started exploring code to think about and built interfaces. Paired with some confusion, distraction and a tendency to want to include all imaginable things interesting to me, this led to the (final) product you are about to see. It takes shape as an active notebook, constantly online and live. The themes and the different types of composing text coevolved along with this new medium: populating it with stories while simultaneously assembling it.

Maybe the best way to approach it is as a form of constellation, a network of things that relate to further things, leading deep down into a rabbit hole – if the reader should feel inclined to follow.

Since the episodes inside the constellation are neither complete nor contained, their encoded titles are merely optional. They are a product of a simple prompt: ‘condense and encrypt’. They were created by a generative pre-trained transformer that skimmed over the texts and generated ten options of sequences of letters to represent their content. From these options of rather generalized interpretations, I choose the one that resonated intuitively with me.

The full version to each title read as follows:
Episode 0 // Orchestrated Obscurity // ORCBSC0
Episode 1 // Technological Tongue // TCNGUE1
Episode 2 // Occult Avalanche // OCCAVH2
Episode 3 // Memories Linked // MEMLNK3
Episode 4 // Ascending Journey // ASCJOU4
Episode 5 // Crisp Isolation // CRSOLT5

None of these stories are finite. They are a bastardization of complex issues, glimpsed at through brief passages of text. With many I frequently doubt to have the right (meaning the competence) to even talk about them – but it brings me joy, and I tend to follow that feeling naively.

The episodes extend along x and y. Horizontally, along the x-axis, they are structured in chapters or themes. Vertically, along the y-axis, they are assembled into five columns: imaginations, citations, considerations, definitions, and visuals.
Neither themes nor styles of writing are meant to be hermetic. If the reader feels like this is more natural to do, texts can be cross-combined, causing the assembled themes to mingle and talk with each other.

Anything that affords itself to it can be clicked, offering direct access to further layers.

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